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I discovered my natural aptitude for drawing at an early age and would spend all of my spare time, pencil in hand drawing everything I could observe.
My interest in art influenced my choice of studies and I have a BA in the History of Art, Architecture and Design. Following my studies my career took on a different path, but it was indirectly through work that my enthusiasm for drawing was renewed when I was asked to produce a series of images for a personal development workbook.
Through word of mouth I then started to receive commissions, primarily for portraits and gradually this has helped me to develop the portfolio of work you see on this website.

I accept commissions for portraits of both people and pets in pencil or oils. With the caricatures soft pastels are my preferred medium . I work from your photographs but I aim to capture more than just a copy of the photo. Over the last few years I have taught myself to use watercolours and oil paints and have developed a painterly style, which through the use of brush marks and colour I endevour to capture personalities in my portrait work and evoke atmosphere in my landscapes and essentially make the paintings ‘come alive’.

I also sell original paintings working in a variety of media including watercolours, oils and pastel and also create mixed media pieces, using for example relief paints and sequins. My subject matter is varied and besides the portraiture includes figure painting, landscapes and animals and I am just beginning to experiment with abstract art. Colour is a strong theme that runs through all of my work and a few of my favourite artist’s that inspire me include Renoir, Modigliani and the expressionists August Macke and Franz Marc.

If you would like me to contact me about producing a portrait, caricature or art work or just have a question about any of the art you see on this site then please do so through the contacts page of this site.

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