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Photo Tips

Try to supply photos which have been taken in natural light or outdoors and don't photograph into direct sunlight, try to avoid using the flash, as this will cause red eye in your photo . I can use photographs that have been taken either professionally or are just family photos.

Send me as many photos as you can, digital or traditional prints as I can never have too many.

Extra photos of faces are very useful, especially the eyes as they play a major part in the image. The photos you provide should show the eyes clearly with accurate colour (I will also confirm eye colour prior to starting the work).

If you are taking a photo of your pet it is best if you are down at the same level as your pet as photos taken from above don't look right and make sure your pet fills the frame of the viewfinder.

If you are unsure you could send me a selection of photos and I will pick which I think will produce the best portrait. If it's a digital photo then ideally it should be sent in jpeg format and be at least 100kb, if it's a print then it should be at least 4x6ins, although I have worked from passport size photos where necessary!

If you would like the background of the picture to be changed or would like something to be added please let me know and I'll tell you if I think it will be possible.

For caricatures I need details about hobbies, interests etc so that I can include these in the image.

Remember - the clearer the photos, the better the painting!

photo of John & Jane
oil portrait of John & Jane


photo of girl arrow caricature of girl

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